Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Blinked

I blinked, and missed a month. Okay, almost two. Lots of living going on in our home, just not much in the way of blogging. Amazingly, I'm making some progress on my list.

1. Made the ribbon set for the Bible reading program I'm following, and accidentally made it with 9 ribbons instead of the required 10. Oops! Still, at this point I'm thinking it was a providential mistake. I've added Acts to a cycle of NT readings, and am instead reading through James (using the ribbon my Bible came with) every four day. My church is currently studying James, with our pastor preaching through it on Sunday mornings and my small group discussing it on Wednesday nights. I'm loving the system, although I've not been as consistent as I want to be.

6. We're about halfway into the first Harry Potter book, and it's even better than I remembered. I don't think I've read the first books since the first time I picked them up, when I was pregnant with my oldest. Eleven years ago, now--too long. These are great books.

10. Continuing on, slowly but surely, to lose weight and get healthy. Am still competing with my online friends, for a third round, now, and truly appreciate the daily accountability and encouragement.

18. Purchased some bulbs, and they're sitting in the garage on a shelf. If they're going into the ground this fall, I think I need to move on it quickly--we're supposed to have some nasty weather this weekend. Hoping to get this done tomorrow or Saturday.

25. Confession time: I haven't scrapbooked at all this year, other than at Crop Because You Care in February. Have made zero progress in using up my stash, and have felt very unmotivated to scrapbook. Just today I suddenly felt a spark of interest in doing a specific project, to help catch up a family member who missed a big chunk of our lives. Considering doing this as a quick project for Christmas, using only stash materials. I also learned this person loves scrapbooking, herself, and am now mulling over sorting through my stash and giving her some materials with which to work.

30. While I've made some progress in using up my yarn stash, I've also added to it--kinda counter-productive, but hard to resist some particularly luscious fiber, especially when my fantastic parents gave me a Knitpicks gift card for my birthday.

31. Some good progress towards the goal of knitting a hat for everyone in my immediate family. I completed the one for my guy, and he loves it! I also finished one for my daughter, as well as one for my new niece. I'm currently working on one for my niece's cousin, who will be born in the next couple of weeks. I think they need matching hats, so I'm on a little side tangent right now, but am really enjoying the trip.

All in all, I'm happy to have made the progress I've made so far, but have a long way still to go.