Friday, September 17, 2010

I wasn't kidding about the OCD thing

I couldn't handle the randomness of my first list. Here's the newest version of my list, properly categorized.

1. Read through the Bible at least 3 times.
2. Have a consistent quiet time, including Bible reading, prayer, and journaling.
3. Complete the 3 year discipleship course I'm in at my church.
4. Establish and maintain a regular time of family worship with my kids, and my guy as he's available.
5.  Go to the Oregon Coast for a few days with my guy
6. Read through the Harry Potter series with the kids.
7. Stay in close touch with my parents, siblings, and in-laws, as much as it lies in me.
8. Establish the habit of sending a minimum of one snail-mail letter weekly.
9. Get to know my neighbors.
Health and fitness
10. Get to a healthy weight. 
11. Get into a regular routine for fitness.
12. Use the C25K program when I've lost enough weight to safely start running.
13. Complete a 10K race.
14. Find a hair style I love.
15. Find the skin-care routine and products that work for me, and maintain.
16. Take daily walks with the dog, weather permitting. 
17. Harvest and preserve a vegetable garden yearly
18. Plant bulbs in the fall. Enjoy them in the spring.
19. Tackle our front yard. Grow something pretty.
20. Make our bedroom a pretty, peaceful haven.
21. Paint and decorate our home.
22. Create a master menu list, monthly menus/shopping lists, and consistently use them.
23. Master living in my budget.
24. Maintain a clutter-free and tidy home.
25. Use up my current paper/product stash for my scrapbooks.
26. Get all the children's baby and school albums current, as well as our Christmas album and our family album.
27. Scrapbook albums of me and my husband before our marriage, and complete our wedding album.
28. Make the move to primarily digitally scrapbooking.
29. Set up my own Library of Memories system for scrapbooking
30. Use up my current yarn stash for my knitting.
31. Knit a hat for everyone in my family (husband and kids).
32. Knit other cool stuff. Lots of it. Document on Ravelry and eventually scrapbook.
33. Make quilts: for each new baby in my extended family, for each of my children, a memory quilt of my father-in-law as a gift to my mother-in-law.
34. Start singing again.
35. Cross stitch a beautiful piece for our bedroom.
36. Something with the ladies in my church. This needs some thought.
37. Volunteer at the kids' school.
38. Volunteer at the local PRC.
Reaching Beyond
39. Go back to school. Eventually (after 40) get my Bachelor's degree.

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