Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Umm....yeah. About that blog...

So much has happened over the course of this last year. Major changes--very positive ones--physically, in our marriage, in our children's schooling, in the responsibilities I've taken on at church, have all contributed to the last year being an intense one. And, obviously, one that I didn't document, at least on this blog.

To run down the list:


1. Read through the Bible at least 3 times.
I've gotten better in reading the Word, but have not yet read through it once. I'm loving the 10-chapter reading schedule, but am only reading about 2x/week. This is my highest priority to change for the next year.

2. Have a consistent quiet time, including Bible reading, prayer, and journaling.
I have not made this consistent, and again it is my highest priority to firmly establish a consistent quiet time. I've been really challenged in my daily schedule, as our children's schooling situations have greatly changed. Our daughter is now homeschooling through an online charter school, which takes up a great deal of my time as she requires a lot of active teaching. Then three of our boys have moved to a charter school, which requires me to spend 2 hours daily driving. In these first two months of our new schedule, my quiet time has really suffered. 

3. Complete the 3 year discipleship course I'm in at my church.
I'm well on track to do this. My group will finish the second year as of the end of January, and I've benefited so very much from leading this group of ladies. We recently had one of our members have to switch to a different group because of a job change, which was sad. We've grown so close over all these weeks and months and years together.

4. Establish and maintain a regular time of family worship with my kids, and my guy as he's available.
We haven't done this at all. Time to get going on this.

5.  Go to the Oregon Coast for a few days with my guy
This hasn't happened yet, but I'm confident that we'll make it happen over the next couple of years. We were in Oregon together, but it was for his step-dad's funeral. Not exactly conducive to us taking the time for a romantic get-away.

6. Read through the Harry Potter series with the kids.
My oldest is listening to them all on audiobook. The boys lost interest, the stinkers. I may just reread them myself, and try reading them to the younger boys in a couple years.

7. Stay in close touch with my parents, siblings, and in-laws, as much as it lies in me.
I've been okay, but not where I want to be, regarding staying close with my parents. With my sibs and in-laws I haven't done as well. I still want to focus my next goal on family, so time to get going on this.

8. Establish the habit of sending a minimum of one snail-mail letter weekly.
I haven't even begun this one.

9. Get to know my neighbors.
This has been a hard process. I met a couple neighbors last year, but we both haven't followed through on getting together. Hopefully I can make some contact over this next couple of months. Thanksgiving and Christmas give some good opportunity for connecting.

Health and fitness
10. Get to a healthy weight. 
This is one of the areas that I have really made a major change in over this last year. After struggling with my weight for 30 years, I decided this was the year that it all was going to change. On August 3rd, I had a gastric bypass surgery. Since then, I've lost 75 lbs. It's amazing to feel lighter, to feel more energetic, to be able to run up the stairs without losing my breath. I hadn't truly realized how limited I'd allowed my life to become, as my weight crept higher and higher. I still have a long way to go--I want to lose another 85 lbs or so--but I'm confident that I will succeed. 

11. Get into a regular routine for fitness.
Not regular yet, but I have begun walking much more. 

12. Use the C25K program when I've lost enough weight to safely start running.
I'm not quite there yet, but I'm building stamina from walking.

13. Complete a 10K race.
Nowhere near ready to contemplate this one.

14. Find a hair style I love.
After growing my hair out the longest I've ever had it, down well below my waist, I just got it cut last week into a shoulder-length blunt cut, with long layers around my face. I love it! And it was fun to donate 18+ inches to Locks of Love.

15. Find the skin-care routine and products that work for me, and maintain.
I have an appointment with a friend from church who does Mary Kay. Hopefully I can move forward in this direction.

16. Take daily walks with the dog, weather permitting. 
Have not yet begun.

I'll post an update on the rest of the list tomorrow. Really.

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